triPortugal is a leading company in the fruit sector in Portugal.

triPortugal’s success comes from the fact that it joins together hundreds of growers, guaranteeing a strong basis of own production coming from several regions in Portugal. triPortugal also guarantees a complementary offer by importing from southern hemisphere countries and Europe. This combination allows its presence on the market for twelve months.

Historically triPortugal started as O in April 1996. Afterwards, it changed its name to in February 2007.

Since July 2010 triPortugal supplies the most important supermarket chains in Portugal and Europe (England, Ireland, France, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Austria, and Switzerland) and it has a strong implementation in overseas markets as Africa, Brazil, and Canada.

triPortugal is an association of Frutus, O Melro.OP and O Melro.Lda that operates in the domestic and export markets for fruit and vegetables. Frutus and O Melro.Op are both organizations of Portuguese growers. O Melro.Lda is a Portuguese grower which is specialized in import and export trading.

triPortugal was created with the purpose of becoming a launch ramp for its associate companies. Its goals are to increase the supply, reduce costs and become more efficient.

triPortugal has its main office at Bombarral. It is established all over the West region of Portugal from 30 to 120 Km north from Lisbon, where 3 pack houses and several orchards are located. In the Southeast region, near the Spanish border triPortugal has another pack house and orchards.

With a dynamic and competent team, triPortugal offers its customers a wide variety of quality fruit.

Our Philosophy

The whole activity of triPortugal is based on the following goals:

– To highlight a strong and competitive group;

– To develop business in Portugal and abroad, based on a strong production and a reinforcement of export trade;

– To guarantee a know-how and technical performance to our customers through our technical team that follows all process from the orchard to the pack house. Full traceability, GlobalGAP and BRC recognized rules are permanently implemented;

– triPortugal constantly keeps an eye on investing in human and material resources with the aim of increasing quality and efficiency standards;

– triPortugal wants to grow in a supported way to guarantee a long term leadership on the Fresh Produce Business, through the satisfaction of its clients needs and while providing fair returns to its growers.


O Melro.OP


O Melro, Lda.

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