triPortugal is an association of Frutus, O Melro.OP and O Melro.Lda that started in July 2010 and operates in the domestic and export markets for fruit and vegetables. Frutus and O Melro.OP are both organizations of Portuguese growers. O Melro.Lda is a Portuguese grower which is specialized in import and export trading.

O Melro.OP

Created in 1994 at Bombarral county, O Melro.OP has become Portugal’s most important plum grower with orchards in the West and Southeast (Alentejo) of Portugal


Frutus was created in 1992 and is located at the center of the Rocha Pear region, in the county of Peral.

O Melro, Lda.

Created in 1983, O Melro, Lda. is nowadays one of the most experienced Portuguese companies operating on the Fresh Produce business.