Our Products

triPortugal joins together hundreds of growers, guaranteeing a strong basis of own production coming from several regions in Portugal. triPortugal also guarantees a complementary offer by importing from southern hemisphere countries and Europe. This combination allows its presence on the market for twelve months.

Rocha Pear

triPortugal’s pear is grown in the West region of Portugal and Alentejo, in its unique variety, the “Rocha” pear. Our “Rocha” Pear has grown accordingly to the requirements of the international markets.


triPortugal’s plum is extraordinarily tasteful. Its production is monitored by triPortugal’s technical team of professionals until expedition.


triPortugal’s apple has excellent quality. It is consistent, crunchy, tasteful and aromatic. It is produced in accordance with both consumers and markets requirements.

Peaches & Nectarines

TriPortugal’s peaches and nectarines become more popular during summer season. triPortugal has developed agreements with several growers to complete its production.


Together with O Melro Lda., triPortugal provides its customers with grapes from the southern hemisphere.

Other Products

Nisperos from Spain in springtime and cherries from Chile or Argentina during Christmas are some of the seasonal specialties offered by triPortugal.