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A Frutus foi criada em 1992 e está localizada no centro da região da Pera Rocha, no concelho do Cadaval.

Frutus was created in 1992 and is located at the center of the Rocha Pear region, in the county of Peral. With sixteen growers and a total production of 18.000 tons, Frutus is far the biggest producer inside triPortugal and has become the category manager for pears and apples. For all its production Frutus has C.A. cold storage.

Apart from pears, Frutus has its own production of apples (Gala and Fuji) and Plums.


  • Storage Capacity:
    • Controled Atmosphere: 10000 ton
    • Normal Atmosphere: 7000 ton
  • Packaging Capacity:
    • 12500 Kg/ hour


  • Armando Torres Paulo
  • Artur Manuel Pedro
  • Manuel Chaveiro Soares

EN 366, km 4
2550-452 Peral – Cadaval – Portugal
Telefone: +351 262 740 020
Fax: +351 262 740 029