O Melro, Lda.

O Melro, Lda.

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Created in 1983, O Melro, Lda is nowadays one of the most experienced Portuguese companies operating on the Fresh Produce business.

Along the years, O Melro Lda has built a reliable relationship with their suppliers and customers around the world.

Nowadays, O Melro Lda is associated with triPortugal in order to provide a most effective service to triPortugal’s customers while keeping a strong involvement with its growers, not only in Portugal (“Rocha” pears and “stone fruits”) but also in other continents.

The activity of importing from overseas companies and establishing partnerships with their suppliers is one of O Melro Lda most significant areas of business, which guarantees to triPortugal an all-year-round presence and service to Portuguese supermarket chains.


  • Storage capacity: 2000 ton

O Melro, Lda
Rua da Sobreira – Sanguinhal
2540-454 Carvalhal BBR
Telefone: +351 262 604 198
Fax: +351 262 604 846
E-mail: omelro@omelro.com